Day 1 - BTS of "The Date"

Welcome to Second Spark Productions blog page!

For our first blog article, I'd like to post some of the behind the scene images of the current short film contest we're entering.

Here are the photos I took on day 1 of production shooting.



Our VFX Creative Director - Gavin Templer, on set helping as a Production Supervisor, DIT, Sound Assistant, and PA.

 Gavin 01


Our Director of Photography - Henry Zhang (left), and Director - Christian Macklam (right), discussing the shot.



Audio Technician / Sound Mixer - John Newton, looking very focused.

John 01


Actor Iain Belcher (right), planning his next take.

Iain 02


Actress Melissa Morgan (center), staying in character.

Melissa 03


Hope you all enjoyed that, stay tuned for more updates!


- David Tang