Day 2 - BTS of "The Date"

Here are the day 2 behind the scene photos we took.  Enjoy!



Starting with John Newton (left), Henry Zhang (center), and Christian Macklam (right) working together.

John Henry Christian 01



Gavin working as a DIT.

Gavin DIT 01


Our good friend Aaron West on set helping as a PA.

Aaron Day02 01


Henry framing the shot.

Henry DoP 01


And... Christian reviewing the shot.

Christian 01


Saving the best for the last.  Enter Iain and Melissa.

Iain Melissa 01


Looking great as always.

Iain Melissa 02


Iain and Melissa together with Christian.

Iain Christian Melissa 03


That's it, hope you all enjoyed these photos.

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- David Tang